2016 Journey

In 2016, I spent the whole yearon the road. Here is a collection of all the key experiences and collaborations. More resources are coming soon to show you how you can do this too! (For now,  follow Anita Wing Lee on Instagram and Youtube for most recent developments.)


Jan 2016: Road trip across usa

9 cities, 15 days. Meditation workshops around the country. All supported and powered by my Periscope family. My heart and mind blew open and put back together in another shape.

anita wing lee refugees

Jan - Feb 2016: Supporting Refugees In Greece

Volunteered for five weeks on Lesvos, Greece. Livestreamed the events in real time. This is what the "front lines" really means.

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March 2016: Zen Cruise & Miami

Crowdfunded a photography book inspired by my refugee work. Lead workshop on The Zen Cruise.


April 2016: Refugees In Revelstoke

Revelstoke, BC is a small town of 7,000 in Western Canada that sponsored a Syrian refugee family to Canada. I helped them to raise awareness and funds. 


MAY - JUNE 2016: Writing The Soul Of Humanity

Wrote and compiled the book, The Soul Of Humanity. Organized and hosted the third season of Global Meditation Scope.

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Partnered with Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center. Hosting Become Your True Self Meditation Course.

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October - Dec 2016: Think Therefore Travel

Updated all content in program that guides and empowers people to become world travelers.