Anita & Amrit Combine Forces.

two Epic broadcasters Help Refugees on Lesvos, Greece.

Meet @MrASingh:
The Man Behind "NowHumanity"


My name is Amrit Singh (MrASingh) and I am #NowHumanity . I'm a creative designer, artist and motivational speaker from the UK.

My mission in life is "To spread inspiration, creativity and diversity to as many people as possible through various mediums and platforms while breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions."

I'm the founder of @RebelCreatives, a movement of passionate individuals rebelling against social conventions to promote social good in the world.

On 13/02/16 I will be flying to Lesbos in Greece. I will be joining Anita with the refugee crisis there by broadcasting live, sharing the authentic stories from the ground, do interviews, volunteer and raise funds for causes that I love.

Meet @AnitaWingLee:
The Soul Behind "SoulFamFund"

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I'm Anita Wing Lee. I'm a international broadcaster, speaker, humanitarian and meditation guide.

My mission in life is to help people find the extraordinary within themselves and without, in the eyes of our brothers and sisters on Earth.  I'm the founder of #GlobalMeditationScope, Periscope's first and largest meditation movement.

I came to Lesvos, Greece to help with refugee relief efforts because I was done sitting in my bedroom Periscoping. I wanted to do something tangible to help people.

On December 29, 2015 I packed up my life into one suitcase, one backpack and one suitcase. I am on a mission to live my highest purpose in this lifetime.


Our Story:

We first met in watching each other's broadcasts. In early August 2015, we hopped on a Skype call for the first time. During that 2.5 hour conversation, Anita convinced Amrit to do an art scope as a part of the first ever #GlobalMeditationScope.

Little did we know, that turned into a friendship that has transcended time zones, race, religion and borders.

Over the past 6 months, we've dedicated our energy and countless hours to building up our peri-families. We were both invited to be speakers for the legendary Summit Live in San Francisco in January 2016 where me met in person for the first time. One morning, we went out for breakfast, stuck an Arkon Mount onto the window and "The Breakfast Show with @AnitaWingLee & @MrASingh #ASquared" was born. Over the next 3 days, we shot more episodes of The Breakfast Show during which Anita invited Amrit to join her in Greece and help broadcast. As they say...the rest is all on!

Not only has the platform become an integral part of both of our lives life, but its also given us the opportunity to connect, learn, educate and build a community in a whole new way.

Now we are combining forces to Periscope in Greece. Our mission is breaking down the stereotypes and misconceptions people have of refugees by live broadcasting interviews and behind the scenes to the world. This is broadcasting for good at its finest.


We can't do it alone.

We are only two people. We need your support. We are raising to money to go towards food, shelter, travel, supplies and clothes for the humanitarian efforts for refugees. We are working with grassroot organizations on the island and want to give each a portion of the funds we raise.


If you are a business and you would like to sponsor us, help with funds and/or promotion then please get in touch