We Choose To Live In A World Where: 

  • We devote our whole lives to doing our most fulfilling work and know that we are abundantly supported.
  • We choose to freely share our knowledge, our gifts and our resources.  The more we share the more abundant we all are. 
  • We are free to practice new systems of exchange that create meaningful value. We not bound to traditional systems of exchange for money (ie. working for a paycheck). 
  • We can choose to live in and create supportive environments.  There are hundreds of pockets around the world where entire communities live by this ethos: Giving is the New Living. 


Soul Family is the deep understanding that underneath our race, religion, political beliefs, and culture, we are all part of one human family. There is a divine force in the world that guides through our whole lives, nudging us to live our highest calling. As we release the confines of fear and money and commit to living this highest calling no matter what, life gets pretty radical and epic.

Project Soul Fam is this vision,
lived and seen through the eyes of one young woman, Anita Wing Lee.

Bring Anita to your city and let's work together!
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Be Part Of The Change

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