You're family. We got your back.

We get that you were born to do something amazing and we're here to support you on the journey to living your highest purpose. Charting new terrain can be scary at first, but we've been there and we know there is a way. This project (and my life) is devoted to encouraging, emboldening and empowering you to live your most meaningful life.

What We Believe

meaningful work & Contribution

Life is about what we give, not what we can get. We know you can make a living doing anything you dream of.

abundance & honest exchange

Money is energy and energy is everywhere.  Money is a resource to do our great work and our collaborations create abundance for all.

AlTerNAtive lifestyles & Travel

We get to design how and where we work, create and live. No cubicles or mortgages required.  A life of travel is a choice.

Human family & Community

We value genuine connection and collaboration. Together we are uplifted. No 'customers' here. Only partners and friends.