Hi! I'm Anita Wing Lee.

I'm a full-time world traveler, visionary creator, filmmaker and champion for life's infinite possibilities.  I travel the world indefinitely and chronicle my journey of creating the most meaningful life I can.

I personally have experienced the power of Soul Family (the energetic support I receive from my soul family gives me the fortitude to continue), but I get emails every week from people who are afraid to take the leap. Project Soul Fam was born out of my hope for you to know that you can do this too.

I could sit and write all day about how I came to understand this, but life is about living (not preaching 😉). I know that the best way to share how this works with you is simply to live it. As I travel, work, create, and thrive, I chronicle this whole journey with you, transparently and honestly. Along the way, I answer your questions and share as many steps as humanly possible. I share all the little things, like 'what do I pack?' and the big things like, 'how do I tell my family?'

My friend, my soul sistar-brother, welcome home.

Let yourself fall into the vortex of possibility that we’ve started here. Binge watch my videos, catch up on all the Instagram posts, write to me directly or get involved in a bigger way. 

I hope to give you a long, heartfelt hug when I meet you one day in the big, wide world. Those who are meant to meet will always meet.

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