How We Work


We use Periscope to share the raw, inspiring stories of heroic efforts by ordinary people not covered in mainstream media.


We work with grassroots humanitarian organizations to raise awareness of what's really happening and how people can help


We leverage the power of the gift economy, crowdfunding and collaboration to make epic things happen - on any budget.


We volunteers directly in the heart of world crises and natural disasters. We also host inspirational talks and events to empower others.


The SoulFam Philosophy

From my earliest days on Periscope, I started called my community "Soul Fam." This wasn't an attempt to brand or build a tribe. It was honestly because something inside told me that I could go far - I could do a lot of good - on this platform but it was important to stay humble. 

So I started saying, "I don't have followers, I only have family. There are no accidents. If we've found each other its because we're supposed to help each other, serve each other and lift each other higher."

We are all soul family.  Regardless of race, religion or ethnicity, we are the same because of our essence as human beings.

 We use live streaming and social to remind everyone that we're all family here.

We're always looking for kindred souls to work with! Contact us to join the team.