How We Work

Project Soul Fam is a safe haven for intrepid visionaries to create the live of our dreams. It's an evolving resource, a neverending journey and an launch pad. There is no “end game” or financial goal. It’s about loving people and helping people feel loved, supported and free.  If you’ve ever wanted to travel, creating something meaningful or just stay up late at the bonfire with tribe, welcome home.

The work we do aligns with four core pillars:

  • Purposeful Work & Meaningful Contribution:  creativity, art, entrepreneurship, personal leadership, service
  • Abundance & Honest Exchange: conscious money, value, giving, sharing economy, gift economy
  • Alternative Lifestyles & Travel: sustainable living, tiny homes, van life, minimalism, essentialism, world schooling,
  • Human Family & Community: international friendships, conscious community, collaboration, partnerships

How Can You Live This Way?

Catch up on the journey so far with Anita Wing Lee's content!

Here's a recap of how 2016 went down.

  1. Watch all the episodes on Youtube.

  2. Read all the posts on Anita's Instagram.
  3. Get behind the scenes on Patreon & learn about this creative process.

More resources are coming soon!

I am in the process of creating a reliable database and of database of places and communities where you could also do your most meaningful work without feeling any financial pressure.


The Soul Fam Philosophy

We are all soul family.  Regardless of race, religion or ethnicity, we are the same because of our essence as human beings.

How can you learn more & help? We're always looking for kindred souls to work with! There are two main ways:

  1. Get in contact with Anita Wing lee & let's discuss a collaboration! I typically stay in each location for about 2-3 months and work hand-in-hand with a conscious business, organization, community or project. Contact us here.
  2. Support this work on Patreon & help keep the production alive. Click here to learn more.