Anita Supporting Revelstoke For Refugees

From April 1 - 14, Project:SoulFam is in Revelstoke speaking at multiple events on refugees, social media for good and meditation.

Why Revelstoke?

Revelstoke For Refugees is a local group in British Columbia, Canada that is working to sponsor a Syrian refugee family. This town of only 7,000 has already raised $45,000 of the $60,000 needed to sponsor a family. They is a living example that we can all do something to alleviate the suffering from others. Our intention in Revelstoke is to raise more awareness of the refugee crisis in Europe and Syria and invite people to take action.

Donate to Support Refugee Relief Efforts:

50% of all proceeds go to Project:SoulFam's refugee relief efforts and 50% go to Revelstoke for Refugees.

join us:

April 3rd - Female Entrepreneurial Empowerment & Periscope for Business & Social Good

April 6th - Refugee Crisis Cafe at Sangha Bean

April 8th - Innovation Night with Mountain CoLab

April 9th - Answering Your Life's Calling

April 10th - Turning Fear Into Inner Peace, Outer Success

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Soul Sponsors

We are deeply grateful to our sponsors and partners for helping to make this possible:



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