Project Soul Fam is about
Truly Living, Freely Creating and Unlimited Giving.


Hi Beautiful Soul,

I'm Anita Wing Lee. My mission in life is to live the most beautiful life I know is possible, unhindered.

I travel the world indefinitely and chronicle my journey of living a deeply meaningful and purposeful life. I have only one suitcase and one backpack. I keep my personal possessions to a minimum. I move places every 2-3 months, or when I intuitively know my work is done and it’s time to give in another way or place.

I’m not concerned with any of the traditional trappings of success: accumulating wealth, status, mortgages or job titles. I pour my life energy to capturing this radical journey and sharing with you all the insights I glean along the way - open and honestly.

I live all around the world with individuals, families or communities who also believe that giving is living.  With each home that I live in and each project that I work on, I aim to make a positive, meaningful contribution. This can look like sharing my expertise to help with community building, social media, video production and much more. 

Each collaboration is completely unique and tends to unfold with divine synergy and synchronicity.

This is the new way to live.

This is my life’s devotion.

In 2016 I worked with many individual collaborators, solo entrepreneurs and humanitarian groups. Click here to see a recap of 2016.

In 2017, I intend to work with and showcase the work of sustainable and eco-conscious communities around the world. There are thousands of these alternative living hubs springing up all around the world. We will visit them and share their heartfelt visions with you.  If you know of an inspiring project or community that I should visit, please contact me here.

In March 2017,  we're going to Portugal and then to Spain. Be sure to follow me on Youtube and Instagram for the daily adventures (@AnitaWingLee on all social media).


Why Am I Doing This? 

Because my soul compels me to. I’ve been traveling since 2011 and have personally experienced the transformative effects of travel.  I've seen too much and I know too much to simply turn away and pretend that I’d just be happy to build a conventional business or life. Project Soul Family is an outpouring of my heart and a reflection of my soul. This is my life’s devotion.  This is is my purpose.  This is how I share my love in the world.

I believe there is so much untapped genius in my generation that gets locked away when we try to fit ourselves into a standard “career.”  Over the years, I’ve had countless people ask me how I keep traveling. Everyone (included myself, at times) secretly wondered how long I could do this for. Now I know I could do this forever and that is what I intend to do.

Although I’m just one young woman, I’m not alone. There are millions of people waking up around the world who understand that life is about expression of our gifts, not accumulation of profits. Together we are changing the way we can all live, lead, earn, give and create.




Project:SoulFam is a vision quest into what's possible when we direct attention away from what we can get to what we can give. It's about the ripple effect that one individual can start when we say yes to serving humanity and trusting that all will be provided.

This journey is blowing my mind and I share everyday of it on Instagram, Youtube and on Periscope. Follow along be inspired and get involved.


Professional Bio

Anita Wing Lee is an international content creator, award-winning speaker, writer, humanitarian and meditation guide. She is the founder of Global Meditation Scope, which is the first and the largest creative meditation movement on Periscope. She is known for sharing a level of authenticity and boldness rarely found online as she chronicles her journey as a millennial committed to fulfilling her highest potential. Often said to be a voice for "wisdom beyond her years," Anita is a pioneer in the new generation of conscious leaders. Anita is the founder of Project Soul Fam, an initiative that harnesses her expertise in travel and leadership to embolden others to live their greatest visions. Anita is a two-time speaker for Summit Live, the world’s most powerful livestreaming event. She has been featured in Mashable, CBC, Adweek and is a Huffington Post contributor. Learn more about her at