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Project:SoulFam is about
Truly Living, Freely Loving and Unlimited Giving.


Hi Beautiful Soul,

I'm Anita Wing Lee. My mission in life is to uplift and inspire people millions of people through positive media.  I help people find the extraordinary within and without.

Taking SoulFam off periscope and into the world

In October 2015, I found myself thinking about how I'm turning 25 next year in 2016.  "I haven't accomplished anything! I've tried so hard to make something of my life and what do I have to show for it?!" I was sitting in my parent's house, spending hours a day on my laptop.  Yes, I'd built out the little corner of light on the Internet that is and its social media channels, but I still felt like it wasn't enough.

I have been given so much support on Periscope. I knew I could do more.

So I made a decision: I'm going to make this year - my 25th on planet Earth - different from any other. 

I'm going to make it REALLY count.

On Dec 29, 2015, I packed up my life into 1 suitcase, 1 backpack and 1 handbag and left everything behind. My heart wide open and soul on fire, I'm venturing into the miracle of life. As of March 3, 2016, I've slept in 20 beds, air mattress and couches, all hosted by the Soul Fam.

Soul Fam Caravan

I started this soul journey with a 4000-mile journey across USA. I hosted donation-based meditation workshops, raised funds for refugees in Greece and found a faith in humanity and trust that I never had before.  People donated plane tickets, train tickets and bus tickets. People drove me and fed me. It was profound for me to see the love that was extended to me because I had consistently shared inspiration and positivity on Periscope.

When I left, half of my suitcase consisted of books and prints to give to people. Now half of my luggage is now things that people have been given to me! I'm finding a profound freedom that comes from being generous and living on little.

It's humbling.


It also gives me a sense of responsibility. There is now nearly 20,000 beautiful souls who follow me on social media. I cannot just sit in a home to talk about things when there are people suffering in the world.

Project:SoulFam is a vision quest into what's possible when we direct attention away from what we can get to what we can give. It's about the ripple effect that one individual can start when we say yes to serving humanity and trusting that all will be provided.

This journey is blowing my mind and I share everyday of it on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, this blog andlive-streamed on Periscope. Follow along and be inspired. Better yet, get involved and join in!



Professional Bio

Anita Wing Lee is an international broadcaster, award-winning speaker, humanitarian, meditation guide, and spiritual activist. She is the founder of Global Meditation Scope, which is the first and the largest creative meditation movement on Periscope. Anita livestreams with a level of authenticity and boldness rarely found online as she chronicles her journey as a millennial committed to fulfilling her highest potential to an audience of nearly 15k everyday. Often said to be a voice for "wisdom beyond her years," Anita is a leader in the new generation of conscious leaders. Anita is the founder of Project Soul Fam, an initiative that harnesses her expertise in livestreaming to create exposure for humanitarian efforts and world issues. Anita is a two-time speaker for Summit Live, the world’s most powerful livestreaming event. She has been featured in Mashable, CBC, and is a Huffington Post contributor. Learn more about her at